MOTOTRBO digital two way radios are the key to guest satisfaction and quality service

Quick response is the difference between an unhappy customer and a pleasant guest experience.

Manager, Catering, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Security

Motorola MOTOTRBO SL 7500 Series Digital Two Way Radios

This radio is sleek and slim, about the size and weight of a smartphone yet it has all the capabilities of a two way radio. Perfect for the user who needs to remain connected but also look professional and have the option for discreet conversation. 

Front Desk, Maintenance, Security

Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 7000 Series Digital Two Way Radio

The XPR 7000 Series digital two way radios are the workhorse in the Motorola product portfolio. With rugged design and an IP57 rating the XPR 7000 series can withstand demanding environments. You can keep employees connected with features like integrated Bluetooth for audio and data, enhanced GPS, text messaging, an emergency button and between 32 and 1000 channels depending on the model. 

Maintenance, Dispatch

Motorola XPR 5000 Series Mobile Two Way Radio

Perfect for the mobile work team that needs to stay connected. These powerful devices provide superb audio for the workers who are on the road. The XPR 5000 Series includes features such as integrated Bluetooth for audio and data, enhanced GPS, and text messaging to help you save time and keep workers safe.

One of Florida's premier hotels has implemented MOTOTRBO to increase efficiency and guest satisfaction. They discuss how they did it in this video.